Ajay Raj projects

About us

Ajay Raj Project & Builders Pvt. Ltd. Is company of highly qualified and experienced technocrats relating to construction and consultancy in the Architectural and Civil Engineering Field. It has its five units namely Consultancy, construction computer Survey and Design Units. We also take the fresh engineers to apart adequate Training in this sphere of Civil Construction completely. The company is undertaken so many projects in all over India. It always shrives to maintain high standard of quality, excel in workmanship and stick to time schedule to the fullest satisfaction of the esteemed of the esteemed clients. Apart from the Architectural engineering staff with the company, we are backed up by the leading technologists.Our company is the most reputed and reliable group in providing Civil Construction Services into all over the country.In additional to the above services the house ventures into preparation reports newly constructed projects / Buildings and also of old structures or properties.

The company is a new establishment having no long background but founders of the company has done a lot of job in the field of civil construction. Our associates M/s Associates Construction Company has acquired a vast experince in civil construction and this company has merged into M/s Ajay Raj Projects and Builders Pvt. Ltd. We have strong financial foundation enabling it to undertake turnkey projects of large magnitude and provide adequate guarantees on it's performance.

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