Gone are the days, when Modular Kitchens were expensive, inconvenient to renovate, required too much labor and time to build. Cookhouse offers customized kitchen solutions for every need and budget. While making your New Kitchen, Cookhouse will ensure that you :

  • Get a Modern Kitchen within your Budget.
  • Save Time in Planning & Execution.
  • Prompt, timely & Easy Installation.
  • Get a durable and factory Finished Product.
  • Every corner of your kitchen is optimally utilized.

Cookhouse has simplified the entire Kitchen making process in just 5 easy steps.

Step 1
Budget – To fit all your aspirations within a budget requires assistance from experts. At Cookhouse, we plan your kitchen within your affordable limits keeping your aspirations intact. Time – It’s the essence of everything. At Cookhouse we value your time and hence we promise to deliver your dream kitchen within a reasonable duration.
Step 2
After evaluating the available space and understanding your requirements, our experts suggest a layout for your dream kitchen. The layouts can be primarily divided into the below mentioned 6 categories :

Step 3
Choice of Cabinets – Combination of base, wall & column units constitute total storage. Our designers would make your choice effective by explaining the benefits of each cabinet keeping your need & working culture in mind. Remember to strike a balance between shelving & drawer systems. Avoid duplicating choice of cabinets unless it’s vital, because duplication leads to monotony in usage.
Step 4
Material & Finish – Number of members in the family, single or multiple users of kitchen, type of utensils & volume of storage, determine the material you wish to select for your kitchen. Choice of material directly influences life of your kitchen cabinets. Feel free to know the TRUE facts of our material from our designers.
Step 5
Design approval and finalization – Our experts will present the final design to you after understanding your requirements and explain it in detail to you and your family. Once the same is approved by you, Cookhouse will ensure that the installation of the kitchen is done as per the committed timelines. A hassle free and memorable experience is the Cookhouse motto