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Indian Diamond Plan

Rs. 100,000.00

Product Description:

The special features of this plan are as follows:

We understand how important a vacation period is for you and how you wish to make the most of it. Vacations are a period where you just need to sit back, relax and not to worry about the other stuff like accommodation, medical emergencies and other things. It would be our pleasure to serve you for the same and provide you with the best premium luxury standard holiday membership under our Diamond Plan. With an annual payment of Rs. 100,000 you can avail the benefits that this card holds, such as like lucrative discounts on online shopping etc while taking complete care of your hotel stay.

Additional Information:

Medical Reimbursement:

Indian Value Card is only the one organization in its sector who providing lucrative facilities of medicine, doctor consultancy and room charged on hospitalization after producing the prescriptions slips for medicine, doctor consultancy fee receipt and discharged summary of hospitalization (48 Hours admit In Hospital) within 7day after discharged from Recognised hospital (Where 50 bed in the Hospital) and informed us any medium before admission and time of admission. Medical reimbursement awaiting period three months after commence of membership. INDIAN VALUE CARD committed Excellency medical reimbursement Amounting 10000/= under the Indian Value Card Diamond Plan. Exclusion of pre-exist disease and prolong illness. For example: Mr XYZ forward his application for Indian Value Card Diamond plan in the month of January 25, 2014 and membership commence in February 1, 2014. Immediately after April 30, 2014 member admit in the Recognised hospital for his treatment. Within seven day discharged from hospital Mr XYZ can send request along with required document for medicine, doctor consultancy and room charged reimbursement INR 10000. Medical reimbursement certificate provide compensation of Rs. 20000/= after producing original bill of Hospital where showing Bed expenses, medicine expenses and Doctor Consultancy with discharged summary. Indian Value Card give compensation 20% of Bed expenses, 50% of medicine expenses, 30% of doctor consultancy of reimbursement amount. Illustration: Mr XYZ’s reimburse entitles Amount is Rs. 10000 and admitted in the Hospital for his treatment. In short time he recovered from ailment and Pay 20000/= to Hospital against his treatment. In this scenario, He pay Rs. 10000 for Bed, Rs.10000 for medicine and Rs 10000 for Doctor Consultancy. In this case Indian Value Card gives Rs.50000 reimbursement.

Entertainment Zone:

In the Indian Value Card Diamond plan respected customer entertain by IPL Tickets(1000*10)= Rs.10000/= , HPL/CCL ticket ( 1000*10)= 10000/=, Amusement Parks /Water Parks (1000*5)= Rs.5000/= , Movies (500*1 0) = Rs 5000/=, Historical Monuments ( 500’10) = Rs5000/=, Horror House (500*5)= 2500/= and 7D or 5D Shows (500*5)=2500/= of total worth value INR 40000/= in the tenure of 12th months. Every month one bill will be reimburse maximum of Rs. 4,000 per months and for this the member send the original bill to the registered office of Indian Value Card within 7 days from the day of visit and intimate to customer care executive or mail on Member book his/herself amusement/water parks and movies ticket at any place in India or residing place.

Unfortunate event of Death:

Immensely Indian Value Card give guarantee if our valuable customer meet unfortunately event of death in the duration of holiday trip and holiday trip organize by Indian Value Card under the hotel packages facility. Indian Value Card provide two time of amount against Indian Value Card Diamond plan’s membership amount to his/her nominee or legal heir.

Health Check-up:

In this segment we give you facility of full body check-up and blood tests of member and any one persons of member’s blood relative in nearby Pathology/health check-up lab of our penal lab at your place or member available and convenient. If valuable member unable to visit lab then we provide home visit facilities to member and member’s relative at home.