PKS GROUP enters into production of CLC (Cellular Lightweight Concrete) Blocks based on Lucknow- Sitapur highway. Production plant is in extensive area of 1.5 acres (more than 50,000 sq. Ft.) and mostly caters to government projects.

The CLC blocks are with greater advantages from 5 years. The accurate proportional mixture of aqueous foam, cement, Fly ash(a waste product of thermal plant), water and other additives in a mixer produces a final mixture which has cellular structural material densities ranging from 300kg/m3 to 1800 kg/m3 with compressible strengths between 5kg/cm2 to 200 kg/cm2. The mixture is pumped manually for casting of blocks.

This plant is one of a kind in Uttar Pradesh, and we manufacture specific sizes of CLC blocks as per demand; ranging from

  • 24 Inch x 8 inch x 4 inch
  • 24 inch x 8 inch x 6 inch
  • 24 inch x 8 inch x 8 inch
  • 24 inch x 8 inch x 10 inch

The advantages of using a CLC block make it a much accepted construction unit over normal bricks. These include:

  • Light in Weight
  • High Thermal Insulation
  • High Fire Protection
  • High Sound Insulation
  • Lower Water Absorption
  • Eco Friendly
  • Economical

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