Buyer's Guide - Basic Information

When we are going to purchase a property we should note down our requirements and priorities. Most of the projects are combined with some amenities like parks, community centers, hospitals, shopping areas, car parking space etc. but some add-on amenities are there. If we want to add any add-on amenity then we will have to pay extra for that to add in our property like security system in our property, TV/Cabel/internet/telephone connections, specific designing of our property, preferential location etc..

So while making our budget to purchase a property we should bear following things in mind like Stamp duty, Registration fees, Legal fees, Brokerage fees, Future house tax/property tax payments, Maintenance fees (whether at actual or in the form of monthly payments to a society).

External development charges are levied by the developer on the buyer for developing infrastructure within the complex, infrastructure development charges are levied by the government on the developer and, in turn, passed by the developer on to the buyer. This charge includes development charges for water supply, sewerage, storm water drainage, roads, street lighting, community buildings, horticulture, public health, road maintenance, and street lighting maintenance. Electricity and water connection charges are levied by the developer on the buyer for availing of electricity and water connection on behalf of the buyer. If the purchaser in an NRI then he/she can buy property in india without any prior permission.

If any NRI who is also an Indian citizen wants to sale his immovable property (Not included - Agricultural land, Land for plantation and any sort of Farmhouse) to another NRI then he can do it easily provided the transaction shoul be routed through India.